Motivation and Move is a company that offers instructor trainings, workshops, concept classes and inspiration. In collaboration with friends and collegues we also offer designed workshop and trainings for your instructors through yournextmove.

"It is more than 20 years ago that I held my first dance class, and I can still remember the feeling, seeing the faces of the participants, dancing and doing steps that they might not think they were able to do. To see the smiles in a dance class, or the focus and presence in a yoga class gives me the greatest inspiration, and gives me the energy to always work from the inside and out, no matter if I teach a workshop for instructors or create a new concept"

"If I have to describe myself with one word it would be ENERGY. I love to get energy from meeting people and see them grow, at a class, an instructor training or at my daily job as a business coach and project manager"


Motivation and Move by Maria Olofsson AB
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We collaborate with several partners (Nike, AfHo, Yogobe , Gainomax, Springtime travel and more), and are open for new exciting business. Please just contact us!