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Inner strength is a flexible concept with focus on gymnastic drills that has function and flow in focus. The class works with your balance, core stability and flexibility – from the inside out. The focus is also to get centered and energized.

The has three different block; core, gymnastics and yoga.
In the first block you will get the basics from core and functional training,  In the second block you will challenge your strength, explosiveness and body control using all the different techniques from gymnastics. A flowing yoga sequence at the end of the class will get you more centered and focused!

The class is a concept that is avalible for home practise and online instructor trainings. Read more
Next Instructor training in Stockholm: 2019-09-22
Latest release: Inner Strength 4: Back to back
(co-founder Malin Berg)

Barre Move is an effective Barre class (45 min). It is a full body workout that gives you strength and flexibility in a new, functional way. The class has 4 different parts:
- Barre Warmup
- Barre Strength
- Barre Dance
- Barre Core
The class can be done with or without a ballet bar. Read more
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Latest release: Barre Move 15- Power and Grace
(co-founder Åsa Fornander)

A core workout with focus on strength, balance and control.  A 30 min effective core class with functional moves. A class for everyone that can be built up in different levels.  
Latest choreography: Core Control 49
(Concept by Motivation and Move)

MOve Yoga 
A dynamic and physical yoga class for your body and mind. Flow with your breath.

MOve Step
In this step dance class focus is energy and dance. Great flow in the breakdown of the combinations and moves that work with the music. Just dance it! 

MOve Dance
A dance class with more complex combinations that still gives the participants the opportunity to just dance the way they want and feel. 

MOve Power
Break a sweat in this high intensity step class with easy to follow moves combined with strenght. 

Holistic workout that is athletic and soft at the same time. Based on knowledge of fascia, nervous system and long muscle chains. Cardio, flexibility, strength and coordination will be challenged in beautiful patterns.

Nike Training Club 
Nike´s successful training app as a group X class. Get ready for an effective class with strength, cardio and flexibility to get lean, toned and strong! 

Afro Power Dance
Afropowerdance is the perfect mix between workout and dance! Big liberate and powerful movements with a low centre of gravity, repeated over and over give a wonderful feeling of flow and on the same time a really tough training session. Length 30-60 minutes. This class has been developed by Cecilia Gustafsson, Holistic training (

Free Power 
Another of Holistic trainings amazing classes where Afro Power Dance meets Martial arts and yoga.This class has been developed by Cecilia Gustafsson, Holistic training (

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Inner Strength works from inside and out

Barre Move is a full body workout that gives you strength and flexibility in a new way