Maria Olofsson has been a Nike Master trainer for 15 years, international presenter, instructor, Moderator, Speaker and COfounder of Barre Move & Inner Strength


2018 > 02

Nybakt bröd. Kaffe i favoritfåtöljen. Välbehövlig ledig lördag efter en vecka som krävt mycket jobb. Fantastiskt roligt sådant, men som tagit mycket energi. Idag ska jag fylla på, ladda, inför morgondagens Barre Move utbildning i sthlm

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Barre Move

Barre Move is a 45 min effective and functional barre class. It is a full body workout that gives you strength and flexibility in a new way.

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Inner strength is a flexible concept with focus on gymnastic drills that has function and flow in focus. The class works with your balance, core stability and flexibility – from the inside out, and has three different block; core, gymnastics and yoga.

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Events, training and inspiration for instructors and gym. With some of my amazing collegues in the industry.
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Inner Strengt 4 is out now:
Back to Back

Gymnastics, Core and Yoga. 

Barre Move 15 out now:
Power and Grace

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