Instructor trainings and workshops

Barre Move
Barre Move is an effective Barre class (45 min). It is a full body workout that gives you strength and flexibility in a new, functional way. The class has 4 different parts:
- Barre Warmup
- Barre Strength
- Barre Dance
- Barre Core
The class can be done with or without a ballet bar. Read more
Price 2500 SEK exkl VAT

2019-06-15 Instructor training, Sthlm, Sweden

Dance/step (20 hours) 
Do you want to become an instructor in dance and step? This is a training that gives you the foundation to teach, communicate, create classes, train your technique, learn how to que, breakdown and build up choreography. 

Price 3900 SEK exkl VAT, or contact for a offer for your club or more information about the training.

2019-05-17--19 Umeå, Sweden

Inner strenght 
Inner strength is a flexible concept with focus on gymnastic drills that has function and flow in focus. The class works with your balance, core stability and flexibility – from the inside out. The focus is also to get centered and energized.

The has three different block; core, gymnastics and yoga. 
The concept is avalible for home practise and online instructor trainings and is flexible for you to build the way your participants (or yourself) need it. In the online training we have a 45 min class setup. Read More and buy the training here

Next "IRL" training: 
2019-09-22 Stockholm, Sweden

In collaboration with Malin Berg.

Core Control 
Core Control is a concept that has been successful for many years. In this training the instructors get to know theory about core, what is the purpose with the exercises, how do we instruct and compose a core class etc. Become a licensed Core instructor or use it as inspiration for other classes.

Price 1200 SEK exkl VAT, or contact for a offer for your club

NEW: Instructor 2.0
The training will give you useful tools if you are new as an instructor or if you want to take it to the next level. You might want to create your own classes/concepts or take your communication to the next level if you already teach a concept class.
The instructor 2.0 one day course held by Maria Olofsson, an expert within communication, group exercise and Founder of the group fitness concept Barre Move. This course is suitable for anyone who want to develop theis instructor skills and take them to the next level!

Contact med for more information!

Aerobic/step (9 hours) Advanced
A training for the already experienced instructor that needs new inspiration and new ways to teach, breakdown choreography, communicate etc with the participants. For more information

Price 1500 SEK exkl VAT, or contact for a offer for your club 

Late cancellation ( 14 Days) will be charged for the trainings.


What makes us motivated? How do we keep our spirit and energy high? What focus should we have to feel good? As an instructor we need to fuel ourselves with motivation and inspiration to be able to give it to our participants. This workshop gives you great tools to keep the energy high!

Breakdown and queing
How do we create an aerobics class with flow in the moves and the breakdown of the combinations? Make the way to the final product fun and give your participants a great experience.

How do we create a nice environment in our class? What can we do to see all participants in the room? We have to be able to step outside our comfort zone to reach out and create an experience for our participants.

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Calendar 2019
12 jan Inner Strength ws Umeå
15 jan Barre Move 13 release
30/1 AI Business summit, Sthlm
31/1 Addher event, Sthlm
17/3 Barre Move training, Stockholm
30/3 Inner Strength training
27/4-4/5 Portugal, Springtime
15/5 Barre Move 14 release
12/5 Korpen convent Sthlm
17/5-19/5  Instructor training Umeå
25-27/5 Workout Åre
3-9/9 Dance Detox NYC, New York
13-15/9 Höstglöd Åre, Åre
22/9 Inner Strength Instructor, Sthlm
4/10 Inner Strength Instructor, Gällivare
5-6/10 Träningsfesten, Gällivare
25/10 Yoga AW med bubbel, Umeå
29-30/11 Träningsvacay, Umeå